Thursday, September 16, 2010

writing is a skill like hurdles

it recently dawned on me, as you can now see, that writing is one of those things in my life that i have neglected to pay attention to. because of this i find it quite difficult to put my thoughts down on keyboard like i used to when i was still young and stupid..
the biggest reason why i decided to start my summer camp of writing athletics is the wise words spoken by prof ballim (dvc wits). he is definately one of my favourite speakers, and because of the choir singing at graduations i've seen many! every time i see prof ballim he says the following: when are you doing your postgraduate studies? what are you busy with? (not what are you doing now as most people would approach the situation, but what are you busy with, because life is research and being busy is learning) and also that writing is a skill that needs to be practiced just like playing the piano or long distance running and that by writing every day, even if it's half a page, one learns to do it better.
what an inspirational man. so i will write

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