Friday, September 17, 2010

other people's art..

in my constant quest to find inspiration i often come across these beautiful things. with no previous outlet i used to simply collect them for examples or to stick on my kitchen wall..
because of this many of the images will not have references as i was never planning to exhibit them to anyone but myself.
hope you find something that sparks the imagination..

found this randomly, as most other images while i was searching for something at work..
LOVE this!! i'm a huge fan of postcards and this is so up my alley!!

mrT.. my hero!         

from Geisha’s Reform, the latest RTW collection from Bunmi Koko (

just to affirm that you can get away with anything in germany.. sorry greenies!

this absolutely amazing piece of work is by edgar muller.. i love 3d street art! resistance is futile!

love it!! found it here...

this is one of those images that i can't remeber about.. i know it's a ceiling and that it was made by a spanish architect in the 1900s, i think 1908 for some reason.. but for the life of me cannot remember his name...   

banksy in la brea, LA... found it here:
one of my favourites.. get it:

awesome! here:

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