Friday, September 17, 2010

other people's art..

in my constant quest to find inspiration i often come across these beautiful things. with no previous outlet i used to simply collect them for examples or to stick on my kitchen wall..
because of this many of the images will not have references as i was never planning to exhibit them to anyone but myself.
hope you find something that sparks the imagination..

found this randomly, as most other images while i was searching for something at work..
LOVE this!! i'm a huge fan of postcards and this is so up my alley!!

mrT.. my hero!         

from Geisha’s Reform, the latest RTW collection from Bunmi Koko (

just to affirm that you can get away with anything in germany.. sorry greenies!

this absolutely amazing piece of work is by edgar muller.. i love 3d street art! resistance is futile!

love it!! found it here...

this is one of those images that i can't remeber about.. i know it's a ceiling and that it was made by a spanish architect in the 1900s, i think 1908 for some reason.. but for the life of me cannot remember his name...   

banksy in la brea, LA... found it here:
one of my favourites.. get it:

awesome! here:

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

writing is a skill like hurdles

it recently dawned on me, as you can now see, that writing is one of those things in my life that i have neglected to pay attention to. because of this i find it quite difficult to put my thoughts down on keyboard like i used to when i was still young and stupid..
the biggest reason why i decided to start my summer camp of writing athletics is the wise words spoken by prof ballim (dvc wits). he is definately one of my favourite speakers, and because of the choir singing at graduations i've seen many! every time i see prof ballim he says the following: when are you doing your postgraduate studies? what are you busy with? (not what are you doing now as most people would approach the situation, but what are you busy with, because life is research and being busy is learning) and also that writing is a skill that needs to be practiced just like playing the piano or long distance running and that by writing every day, even if it's half a page, one learns to do it better.
what an inspirational man. so i will write

at the risk of looking like a 5th grader...

here are some awesome funnies that i found today while working in the shop.
this is not somewhere i usually spend my time and so i had quite a bit of stumble minutes to spend, hence these.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tammy's house is new!

photos taken at tammy's place.. what we do on a spring sunday!
oh jo...

you guys look as if you're pondering the existence of hydrogen.. :)

kevin(front), woody & jerome

that's me, i smoke :)

so does the braai, heehee

but you, no, you, no seriously!

sunglasses anyone?

bloody rock star!

jo buitendach, stylist extraordinaire

my love xxx

in conversation

tammy + jerome

sitting in a tree


braais rock!
two taureans and a cheesecurl

and that piece of wors was [     this      ] big!

tim timmy!!

twas a good day :)

The Dawn of Time

Ever since this whole blogging thing came around I've toyed with the idea of starting a site where all the amazing things about my home town can be promoted, so here it is!
This blog will be a collection of stories (usually short) and photographs (usually too many) of Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa, my place of birth and the most colourful and beautiful city to stay in Africa!!
So watch this space for great places to see, things to eat and people to meet..