Friday, October 8, 2010

our lives in film

as long as i can remember the movies have played a very important part in my creative life.
the freedom created on celluloid opens doors to the most beautiful and most disturbing aspects of our ability to communicate and sends us whirling into far distant spaces of consciousness.
from the very first time that i walked into a cinema, popcorn in hand i've felt a part of this process. i saw the animated jungle book and to this day, whenever i hear louis prima i fell young again and innocent, connected to another time not only in my own life, but in time itself... another universe.
from the mad professors and superheroes to the disappointed lovers, the royalty, the bad music, the good music, the realisation of our dreams, the incredible strength of the human body and soul, the distant lands, the deep caves, the beginnings and space, they make us living in the 20th century, who we are.
i doubt that even one person exists on this earth that doesn't have a single memory of the flicks and through this the medium becomes the hand of change.

when recognise the joy that can be gained by interacting with alternate spaces in this way.. the movies seem very, very different indeed...

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